Drinking beer in the house of God

Tonight has become a strange one. It began with half my flat being comatose whilst Hannah and I remained the ones up for a couple of hours. I feel the freshers in my bones and in my bad throat. Also I was visited my my grandad, dad and my incredibly patient boyfriend who lovingly carried up furniture and a whole barrel of homemade beer. All the essentials.

Seeing my family again just makes he homesickness resurface for a while, but I’m so glad they can visit me so easily, I have it so good. The quirks of my Irish Guinness drinking grandad have been missed as well as my amazing parents. (also you Pascal).

Now to where it gets weird. A couple of nights ago I got drunk and signed up to go to church on Sunday. I have upheld my bargain which involved a bunch of songs by a Christian band, an old Rose member preaching followed by a free beer and bar. This church has a bar. Where I got forced to sing karaoke to the Christians of sidcup. Church is not what I remembered it to be, mainly because I’m an atheist. But what a great night before the course with a bunch of great first years who I can’t wait to get to know.

To be continued

(Here’s Hannah and Harrison embracing the light of the lord.)



My name is Gabby McLean and I am currently studying European Theatre Arts at the Rose Bruford School of Performance. Throughout my life I have struggled with anxiety and depression which is something many of us actors have, but in making this blog I want to entertain and serve to people regardless of your mental illness you can follow your dreams.

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