Keeping Organised At Uni

Second day into the drama school experience and it seems my body is starting to take a toll. 3 hour sessions of intense games are really not that fun when your face has a tendency to go red and you sweat ten times more than everyone else. Who knew I’d be paying £9,250 a year to play stuck in the mud and pretend to be animals running around the room? I have no idea why the employment rate for actors is so low with skills like that.

The main takeaway from my lessons so far is the importance of having fun, or what they call ‘Le Jeu’. If you’re learning drama and you’re not having fun then what is the point of doing it? The purpose is destroyed. I haven’t giggled so hard in a class since probably primary school, it’s as if the child part of me is still there. Whilst the classes themselves are great, the reading is ENORMOS. This first week I have been set to read 4 long articles, a whole play, continue my journal, reflective thinking as well as learn a monologue from ‘The Three Sisters’ play by Friday. They don’t mess around on ETA. So how can someone like me keep on top of things? I mean when I was revising I got so bored I would birdwatch for hours instead of learning psychological studies (but who wouldn’t).

One of my biggest tools is self care, looking at myself and going ‘If you do this now you won’t have to worry about it later’. Knowing myself I get highly stressed and expect a lot, so not having much time is my nightmare. Additionally I try and split the work over days, only doing what can be expected even if this means reading one thing a night. Spreading the work is a godsend my friends. Also turn distractions into later rewards (I say this with Skyrim playing in the background), but my biggest motivator is thinking about how much bloody money I’m spending on this course and how I need to make the most of my money. Student finance doesn’t pay itself kids.

Getting messages about my blog is truly heartwarming. Whilst I have yet to figure out how to be more entertaining and helpful, I’d like to thank those that are on this journey with me. Hopefully this can only improve with time.

In the meantime, here is a picture of my corkboard. I’m thinking of filling it with photos but for now the main draw is the giant ‘Stay Sane’ written up there. In all honesty I may just change it to ‘insane’. Fits my personality more.

Have a pleasant evening,




My name is Gabby McLean and I am currently studying European Theatre Arts at the Rose Bruford School of Performance. Throughout my life I have struggled with anxiety and depression which is something many of us actors have, but in making this blog I want to entertain and serve to people regardless of your mental illness you can follow your dreams.

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